Beepure premium avocado honey, 11 oz jar 12-pack

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Certified single flower. Avocado is a well known delicacy of Mexico, just imagine honey that comes from its flowers. Intense flavour and dark colour, difficult to resist.


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  1. WARNING! This jar of honey gets glued to your hand once you taste the first spoonful! I am a honey connoisseur, believe me I have tasted them all. That is, until I came across a jar of this honey. I can’t describe it except to say that once I take a tablespoon, its like the jar is glued to my hands. Can’t put it down! Deep, wildly tasty flavor. I’m a convert!

    1. Dear Mike,

      Thank you for your very enthusiastic comment! When we came across this product as a possibility for our portfolio, we were equally thrilled.
      You can now find a 23 oz presentation for three of our honey varieties, including avocado, at HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshalls, besides our regular 11 oz. Maybe you won’t need to go to the store as often! Best regards, Jorge

  2. I love this honey! and that says a lot since I never really liked it before. I bought it at TJMaxx and haven’t seen it since. I keep checking back, but it flys off the shelves. I tried other brands, but I do not like them which is why I just googled the name to see where I can buy it from online.

    1. Hello Stacey,

      Thank you for your interest in beepure premium honey.

      We regularly stock our products at TJMaxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls. You will probably see it there again shortly, in two sizes, 11 oz and 23 oz. Alternatively, you can buy these and other beebrands products at or our own online store (12-case pack, so you dont run out again!).

      Very best regards,

      Jorge E. Silva

  3. This honey is SUBLIME!! I love honey and have tasted over 2 dozen different varieties from around the world – BeePure Avocado is quite simply “The BEES KNEES!” I love to eat it with 1000 day Gouda from Trader Joes and Concord Grapes. I slice a few chunks of cheese – pour the honey right on the plate next to the cheese and grapes and dip the cheese into the honey – Oooo lala so delectable! I have only found the one jar I think at Homegoods – will have to check at TJ’s or Marshalls to find more as I have been carefully rationing the jar I have – it’s about 1/2 gone – glad I can buy direct if necessary! Super yum. Thank you for making this available for those of us who can’t get enough of great honey! Thank you BEES! 😉

    1. Hello Emerald,

      Thank you for your very enthusiastic comment on beepure honey. We have found avocado honey to be a solid success in the US market. I encourage you to design dressings with it and experiment some more. Look out for more interesting products under the same family name: Beebrands or heart Brands. Cheers!

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