beepure® honey is harvested in northern and central Mexico, most of our honey comes from orange, avocado and mezquite flowers, is carefully filtered and packed with the highest quality standards to protect its integrity and ensure that it will arrive pure and delicious to people’s hands. beepure® honey is not only just that, 100% pure honey, on top, it is antibiotic free and non GMO; both, highly valued product attributes by the most demanding gourmet experts.

Mountain wildflower Harvested from a variety of flowers in the mountains of northern and central Mexico. Bright and shiny colour with irresistible taste.
Available in 11 oz.
Tropical wildflower Harvested close to the famous coastlines of Mexico. This boastful fluid comes from a cocktail of flowers. Brilliant colour and indulgent flavour.
Available in 11 oz and 23 oz.
Avocado – monofloral Certified single flower. Avocado is a well known delicacy of Mexico, just imagine honey that comes from its flowers. Intense flavour and dark colour, difficult to resist.
Available in 11 oz and 23 oz.
Mesquite – monofloral Certified single flower harvested from mesquite, a tree well known for its precious wood. Luscious flavour and beautiful pearl colour, a delicate surprise for the the senses.
Available in 11 oz.
Orange blossom – monofloral Certified single flower. Harvested from orange blossoms known as “flor de azahar” in Spanish. Bright yellow color, sophisticated, fine and subtly citrus in flavour.
Available in 11 oz and 23 oz.
Creamed honey Light-colored and irresistible consistency, beepure creamed honey is ideal for spreading on breads, cheeses and fresh fruits.
Available in 11 oz.
Bee Pollen All natural, unprocessed, great source of energy and amino acids.
Available in 5 oz.